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Taking the First Step

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How often do we experience the feeling of being stuck at some point and not managing to move from it? Every day, I bet.

I’m talking about those situations in which our strength of will becomes weak, when we unconsciously search for any kind of distractions and our mission loses its way. It happens when we devour dozens of Buzzfeed articles instead of studying for the incoming test. Or when we commit to any stupid and useless task at work just to avoid making that important phone call that we have postponed all day. That is also the case when we finally have to write our dissertation or essay or blog post and we just can’t begin, the cursor keeps blinking and pulsing on the blank page of Word and our mind is completely stuck.

So we tell ourselves that our mission can wait: we will do it later, when we will be more ready or inspired or whatever. In a word, we procrastinate. But what lies behind all this? All I can think about, beyond all the stupid excuses that we can make up, is one massive yet subtle cause that prevent us from doing things: the fear of failure. Think about it, we postpone our action because we could fail the test and make a fool of ourselves in front of the professor; we are afraid that the important phone call will be a disaster; we fear that our written work will be completely crap.

Yet this fear tends to operate on an unconscious level, and unconsciously sabotages not only our chances of success, but also the slightest attempt to pursue what we want or what we have to do. It took me a lot of time to write this first blog post, a ton of days telling myself that it was not the right time. The right time to do it would have come, I just had to wait. I’ll tell you a secret: to begin something… You have to begin it. There is no such thing as the right moment. If you really want to do something, just do it.

It is exactly like leaving for a long trip. You don’t know where the road will lead and you are a little scared, but you want to go anyway. Stop overthinking, stop procrastinating, just pack and go. One foot at a time. Taking the first step is the most difficult thing, but then it gets easier.

This is a blog about wandering around the globe. I hope it inspires you, somehow.



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