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A Spring Hour at Imbarcadero in Pavia

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Pavia is the city where I attended high school, that’s why I still have a few friends and many acquaintances there. Yet I have mix feelings towards it: I like to visit again sometimes and grab a beer somewhere, but not so often. Pavia is a place I never loved much, for several reasons that I will not mention. But this time it surprised me.

Bianca and I were strolling along the Ticino river, when she had the idea to stop by the new Imbarcadero.

The Origins of Imbarcadero

I will start by saying that “imbarcadero” is an Italian word coming from the Spanish embarcadero, through the French embarcadère. Yeah, a lot of interconnetion between Neo-Latin languages. We can translate it in English as jetty, pier, quay. Basically, a structure built and extending from land out over water, used as landing stage for ships. In the case of Pavia, a neglected boat was renovated and transformed into a restaurant/bar.

In fact, the Pro River association of Pavia has recently taken over the imbarcadero from its historical owner. Their purpose is to turn the entire riverside area into a place of leisure, social life and cultural events. That’s great news, since a couple of years ago the imbarcadero was just meant to be dismantled.

Imbarcadero Today

The renovation is not over yet, but the boat/bar/restaurant is already open. It is moored to the dock in front of the quaint Milazzo street, with a view on Ponte Coperto (literally “covered bridge”).

The so called happy hour time of a day in May is perfect to descend the quay, cross the narrow iron bridge and get on board for a drink. Don’t have the highest expectations: the furnishings are spartan and the service may lack accuracy, but this ensures a very easygoing atmosphere.

The drinks are simple too: a prosecco, a beer or a basic cocktail will do it. Take your glass and bowl of crisps on the deck and sit down facing Ponte Coperto. Now stay there, empty your mind and relax looking at the setting sun over the river and the bridge. Enjoy the breathtaking view. That’s how we do in Italy.

This boat is not only a bar but also a restaurant. I didn’t experience the lunch or dinner yet, but I read very good reviews about the quality of food, based on local excellences (meat and cold cuts in particular).

Don’t wait too much to go to Imbarcadero: in summer there will be too many mosquitos; in winter it will be too cold and humid, I guess.


Check the Facebook page of Imbarcadero for more information, pictures and videos (and a little like maybe).

Huge congratulations to the guys of Pro River association for bringing a piece of history in Pavia to new life.

(Here below @northosewhowanderarelost just being fabolous)

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