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Hello, I’m Gloria, born and raised in Milano / Italy.

My deepest passion is travelling. Only few things compare to the feeling I get when I’m adventuring in places I’ve never been before.

I’m a strong supporter of solo and budget travels, also and especially for a girl.

In the summer of 2014 I spent 3 months as a backpacker all around China. I was alone, and I was free. It was the most thrilling, amazing yet exhausting experience of my entire life so far. It was tough. But it made me grow and face any kind of challenges. When a girl is lost, or bored, or confused about what she wants in her life. When she is stuck. When she craves for new, exciting experiences… A girl has to travel.

I’ve also got a thing for nature, forests, any body of water where I can dive and swim, books, dinosaurs and green tea.

This is a blog set to inspire you to leave, wander and see the world.

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